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Auckland 12 November at the General Collective + Scandinavian Christmas Market at ASB Showgrounds. Tasmin Prichard and I will be playing originals and covers. I intend to do all my Christmas shopping in between the sets. Quality crafts throughout, so looking forward to it.

Songs from Norway

Had a lovely time performing songs from Norway in the beautiful Lady Chapel in Wellington Cathedral of St Paul 15 October. Great ensemble with me on stage: Kate Walmsley (viola/vocals), Tasmin Prichard (bass), Martyn Galea (keys), Jim Walmsley (guitars/vocals); and thanks heaps to Don Blackmore who did sound and lighting. The Cathedral posted this about us on their facebook page

Great turn-out and it was very special to be bringing songs from some of Norway’s finest songwriters to a Norwegian and New Zealand audience. We are working on repeating the repertoire again, hopefully soon; watch this space.

Tasmin Prichard
Jim Walmsley, Martyn Galea
Band in good spirits. Selfie after practice. Kate Walmsley, me, Jim Walmsley and Martyn Galea. Tasmin Prichard, we missed you


‘Hard as it often is for new artists to have their work reviewed, sometimes it cries out for attention – that’s what happens with ‘Watch Over Me’ the debut EP from Hanne Jøstensen’

Tim Carroll, FolkWords (UK) full review


Jeg leste nylig at menneskets sjette sans (rytmesansen) nettopp er «oppdaget». Den syvende må være melodisansen. Folketonemelodisansen.

Magne Fonn Hafskor, Hissig (Norway) full review


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Agderposten's crossword!!
Agderposten’s crossword


EP launch party - the musicians At Blackmore & Best Art Gallery Photo by Steph Russell
Musicians playing at the EP launch party held at Blackmore & Best Art Gallery
Photo by Steph Russell

Slow Boat Records in Wellington
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about me

I am a Wellington singer-songwriter, originally from Norway, but have been living in New Zealand since 2004.


I grew up on the remote and tiny island Sula, a fishing village, off the coast of Norway. My grandfather ran the lighthouse, there were no cars, no trees, only a very small community consisting of just over 200 people. The nearest city was four hours away by boat. When I was 10 we moved to the town Arendal.

Sula, Arendal and Wellington are my homes.

The roughness of the sea and nature has inspired me deeply and I approach my songwriting with these images and scents in mind. When I finally decided to write lyrics in English, it struck me how influenced I was by Norwegian lyrics, particularly those by Anne Grete Preus. The beautiful pictures she paints with her words have always touched me.

Reviewers are calling my music acoustic pop and singer/songwriter style. I find it hard to put a label to my songs and probably move between different genres. ‘Watch over me’ is my first studio recording. I loved every bit of the process. It is very exciting and rewarding knowing that the songs are now out there living their own life.




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The Wellingtonian (25 April 2013)

– Agderposten (18 April 2013)



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